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Fertility Levels
Fertilizer Placement
Fertilizer Availability
Biological Activity
The foundation phase covers the time between harvest and planting. Inputs are focused on getting the acre ready to carry the subsequent crop. The targets include soil fertility levels, fertilizer placement and availability, and biological activity, including stubble digestion.

AgX Solutions for the Foundation Phase
Our nitrogen management tools, with the XN Technology backbone, maintain nitrogen in the functional rooting zone of crops without disturbing soil biology.
MicroCoat Ultra increases efficiency of applied fertilizers.
More efficient use of nitrogen with ContaiN Advanced, ContaiN Duo, and NZone GL.
Prevent NXT improves efficiency of applied phosphorus.
PremierePak Advanced maximizes nutrient use efficiency

Adequate Stand
Seed to Seedling Vigor
Nutrient Absorption
The establishment phase covers the time, even the pass, in which seeds are planted. Inputs here are focused on maximizing the successful, rapid, uniform establishment of the crop. Inputs can be targeted to ensure a smooth transition from seed-based to root-based nutrient supply and from seed-based to sunlight-based energy. Amendments in this phase are targeted at promoting rapid germination, minimizing stress on seedling, improving nutrient availability and uptake, and promoting beneficial soil microbial activity.

Solutions for the Establishment Phase
Octane enhances microbial activity
N-Ferno drives better soil health
Adrenaline maximizes the effectiveness of micronutrients applied
PremierePak Advanced provides protection of phosphorus and an EDTA micronutrient package
Prevent NXT provides protection of phosphorus and a biological package to improve nutrient availability and uptake

Resource Capture
Yield Preservation
The architecture phase covers the time from established seedlings to the later vegetative/early reproductive phases of a crop. Inputs here are often included in an early post-herbicide application. Inputs are often targeted at promoting root and shoot growth or micronutrient delivery. While viewed as promoting growth or photosynthetic rate, the ultimate goal is to preserve yield potential of the crop. Plant Growth Regulators are commonplace at this growth stage. Nutritionals are also relatively commonly used and range from NPKs to sulfur and micronutrients.

Solutions for the Architecture Phase
Octane enhances plant energy and increases mobilization of nutrients within plants.
ArchiTech is AgX’s new offering including NPK + micros + GABA. This complete package is designed to be used in vegetative stages to preserve maximum yield potential.
XR5 Sulfur provides the critical secondary nutrient sulfur, which is often lacking in modern crop production. Adequate sulfur, balanced with nitrogen, is required for optimal growth.
XR5-KSB feeds late season nutrient demands for potassium, sulfur, and boron

AgX Architecture Product Logos: ArchiTech, Octane, XR5 Sulfur, XR5-KSB
Potential to Actual Yield
Ovule Number
Ovule Retention
The reproduction stage of the crop cycle would equate to The Red Zone in football. Regardless of how successful the foundation, establishment, or architecture stages have been, crops that rely on successful flowering and pollination can result in poor yields if this stage is not successful. Other nutritional products have found limited success; biologicals in recent years are also gaining in popularity. Applications here are piggybacked with a fungicide application today.

Solutions for the Reproduction Phase
OnWard Max is an EPA-registered PGR designed specifically for reproductive stages. OnWard Max increases flower and bloom retention as well as photosynthesis.
Octane provides carbon metabolites and simple sugars which offer a rapid energy source to crops undergoing stressful reproduction and an exhaustive dry matter accumulation phase, requiring much carbon fixation.
XR5-KSB meets late season nutrient demands for potassium, sulfur, and boron

Grain Size
Grain Weight
Grain Quality
Protein Content
The maturity phase would equate to the end zone in football: it has taken a relatively high degree of success to get to this point, but the last few yards can be very difficult to get to the maturity stage and cross the goal line. Once crops are beyond reproductive success, only irrigation and a few insect sprays may be seen. Many crops still need large quantities of P, S, and many micronutrients. Potassium acetate late-season is gaining in popularity particularly in crops with high late season potassium demand

Octane and N-Ferno enhance plant energy needed for source-to-sink movement of nutrients